Joel MacDonald Q&A

Where were you born? Charlottetown, PEI

Age? 27

What was the first movie you made? 
A "hockey documentary" that turned into a couple interviews of teammates. After that, I mostly did videos for school instead of doing reports for books.

When you were a kid, what’s the first movie made you feel like a grownup?
Pulp Fiction, drugs before I knew what drugs even were! It was when it came out on video. I was being babysat by a neighbour and I woke up while she had it on. For whatever reason, she let me watch it. I would have been probably 7 or 8 at the time. 

What are you unembarrassed to admit you’re good at?    
I feel like I'm good at figuring out a solution for a task that I may not necessarily know how to do. That's how I learned to create animations in After Effects, I told someone I knew how to use it and had to learn it on the fly. 

What do you wish you were better at?   
Knowing when to be quiet.

What phone do you use?   
iPhone 6. I've come back from several Android devices and I haven't looked back. 

Favorite camera to shoot with?   
I'm in love with my A7S. I love the fact that it's low lighting capabilities are absolutely nuts. When I use other cameras in a similar situation, I'm always disappointed.

Sony a7s w/ Canon L-Series 1.2 50mm lens

Sony a7s w/ Canon L-Series 1.2 50mm lens

Favorite lens? 
Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS or Canon 50mm 1.2. 50mm.  The 1.2 lens just helps produce a beautiful image. Love the shallow depth of field I can get with it.

Favorite gadget (non-computer, phone, camera)?   
This is cheating, but my DJI Phantom 3. I don't know if it's all those years I played video games, but I just love flying it. When I get nice visuals out of it, that's always a bonus as well.

What everyday object is a masterpiece of design?   
The paperclip. Such a small piece of metal wire is the perfect way to hold a stack of paper. Not a bad idea.

Favorite phone app?   
iPhone podcast app. I couldn't get through life without it at this point. I listen to podcasts ALL THE TIME. Some of my favourites include: This American Life, Serial, My Brother, My Brother and Me and a myriad of Disney World podcasts (embarrassingly too many to list).

Favorite desktop app?  
Adobe After Effects. I love creating cool animations with it. 

                                   San Pellegrino Clementina

                                   San Pellegrino Clementina

Drink of choice?  
San Pellegrino - Clementina. Most delicious beverage on the planet. We celebrated the launch of Confound Films with some San Pellegrino, so you could say that it's the official beverage of Confound Films.

What social network do you like the most and why?    
I like Instagram because there's a lot of digestible pieces of content that I enjoy. I'm also really nosey, so it keeps me apprised of what people are doing. I follow a lot of local people on PEI, Disney Imagineers and some of my favorite bands. Twitter and Reddit also get honorable mentions as I get a lot of my current information from those two sources. 

Favorite YouTube channel?   
I'm really into time-sinks like WatchMojo or CinemaSins for when I'm editing. WatchMojo is just a bunch rehashed top-10 videos, but sometimes that's what I need. I usually watch CinemaSins 'Everything That's Wrong With' series, where they critique a movie to the point where it's ridiculous frankly.

If you could create a commercial for any brand/product what would it be?   
As a Disney fan, I would love to develop a new web series for Disney World. I think it would be a ton of fun to create a whole campaign with various people filming people in the park where you have unlimited access.

What would be your dream music video project?     
I would love to be the one to do Underoath's new music video when they officially reunite and work with them from the ground up on it. They seem like really great guys to work with and their previous videos have run the gamut in terms of style, so I think it would give some pretty cool space to create something. 

Where do you most like to travel to?   
Orlando, Florida. We have gone there every December for the last 3 years. We go there for Disney World and Universal for the most part. My wife and I are pretty much children. 

What helps you recharge?    
Reading novels or comic books. In terms of books, I've read The Martian by Andy Weir, Yes, Please by Amy Poehler and Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe. In terms of comics, I've read quite a bit. I've been reading Saga, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Southern Bastards and a bunch of other stuff on the Marvel Unlimited iPad app.

What are you most excited about working on in 2016?   
I'm the most excited for the project that is going to challenge me and stretch my capabilities. I can't wait to accomplish something where I look back and say "that was worth it".